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I'm Grant, the Hipster Dad, the token American on the message board! I've been reading 2000 AD since prog 406. I was introduced to Dredd via the Eagle Comics series, and my best friend Dave, who now lives in Canada, soon converted me to pure thrill-power.

My site, Touched by the Hand of Tharg (linked below) is a comprehensive series index from an American perspective, with commentary, background information and fun trivia. I've been championing the new DC / Rebellion graphic novels whenever possible, and am usually bringing them up wherever plausible at general fan sites like comicon and newsarama.

I'm a single dad of two. The three of us live in Marietta, a suburb just north of Atlanta, and I get my comics from Bizarro Wuxtry in Athens, which is the planet's finest comic and record store. On those rare occasions I'm not on dad-duty, I play Heroclix, shop for old records, keep an eye out for Ms. Right and, once in a while, write or draw some comics. (Not many people read The GMS Legion, but you can at !) I also have a livejournal under the same gmslegion nickname.

Also, we didn't *all* vote for Bush in the deep, deep south. Many of us didn't. And as long as I can get ma grits and ma Brunswick stew, I ent a-leavin'. Y'all take care, y'hear!



This price guide is very approximate and is maintained by Grant Goggans.

This guide, from Grant Goggans, aims to assist USA 2000AD collectors.


Touched by the Hand of Tharg by Grant Goggans
Site cataloging all the stories which have appeared in 2000 AD
GMS Legion by Grant Goggans
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