/me - action

/icon x - set your message board icon to x

/reload x - update every x seconds (over 60 = manual)

/kill x - add x to your killfile

/unkill x - remove x from your killfile

/lang x - change to language x

  1. Disable feature
  2. Mega-City
  3. Betelgusian
  4. Downlode
  5. Romanov
  6. Termight
  7. XTNCT

/log x - email a 7 day chat log starting x days ago

  • on - enable automatic chat logs
  • off - disable automatic chat logs

/lurk x MESSAGE - lurk mode (message optional)

  1. Off
  2. On

/html x - disable/enable chat room html

  1. Disable html
  2. Enable html

You can use html tags for bold, italics, etc.


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