2000AD: 76
Megazine: 3
Extras: 30
Fanzines: 8
Online: 1

2000AD: 39
Reprints: 13
Extras: 6
Graphic Novels: 16
Star Scans: 8

Artwork: 2
Sketches: 11
Wallpaper: 8
Icons: 11

ROGUERogue Trooper

Created by Gerry Finley-Day, Dave Gibbons


Interrogation - Spray that again? 2 episodes (Megs 225 to 226) 12 pages
Script: Robin Smith inteviewed by David Bishop, Artist: Robin Smith
Featuring: Judge Dredd, Sláine, Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, Bogie Man

Interrogation - We Want you as a New Recruit 3 episodes (Megs 229 to 231) 16 pages
Script: Cam Kennedy inteviewed by David Bishop, Artist: Cam Kennedy
Featuring: The V.C.'s, Storm, Charley's War, Rogue Trooper, Judge Dredd
Text article. Part 2 titled "Wierd War Tales". Part 3 titled "Can You Feel The Force?".

Comic Icons

The History of Rogue Trooper - The Rogue Element 1 episode (Meg 244) 8 pages
Script: Scott Montgomery
Featuring: Rogue Trooper, Rogue Trooper (Friday), Venus Bluegenes, Tor Cyan, Mercy Heights
Text article

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