Bounty hunters Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer face that most unstoppable of all foes this Summer when they come up against the taxman in an all-new Strontium Dog story!

Entitled 'The Tax Dodge' and brought to you by SD creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, the story was inspired by an idea by James Norton, a contributor to SD fanzine Dogbreath. When Alpha is presented with a tax bill based on the earnings he's made on his various bounties over the years (not least a cool mill for the Shicklegruber grab) and refuses to pay up, he makes an enemy of tax inspector Orville J. Paxman - and Paxman is not a man to be thwarted!

What with wanted criminals the Unrighteous Brothers in their sights and having to deal with the unruly people of the planet Gnob, the Search/Destroy agents have plenty to contend with in this zarjaz, action-packed story - coming your way in Prog 1350, on sale 23 July 2003.

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Reporter: Matt Smith