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One of 2000 AD's most distinguished artists, Brian Bolland returns to the Galaxy's Greatest Comic with a historic cover to mark the start of the Spring Attack and the return of East-Meg assassin Orlok in the long-awaited Judge Dredd story, The Trial of Orlok.

Brian was one of the first artists to draw Orlok in the final episodes of Block Mania, and was with this in mind that he was specifically commissioned to kick off the Sov agent's trial. These images show his original rough sketch and the inked version.

You can see his final coloured cover on the front of Prog 1336, on sale 16 April 2003, which features - alongside Dredd - the first episodes of A.B.C. Warriors by Pat Mills and Carlos Ezquerra and Snow/Tiger by Andy Diggle and Andy Clarke.

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Reporter: Matt Smith