Osiris World Cup Skateboarding UK

"lIt has come to Justice Department attention that an illegal gathering of juves has been planned for August 11-12 at a venue known as 'The Arena' 'in the Docklands rad zone. It would appear that many thousand citizens will be heading into the area for an occasion known as Osiris World Cup Skateboarding UK, where a great number of so-called 'skaters' will be competing against each other in Justice Department prohibited skate competitions. Due to the size of the event and an expected high level of law-breaking, all Justice Department leave is cancelled for this period." - by order of Brit-Cit Justice Department

2000AD will be hosting a stand at the event, featuring a number of captive art droids producing sketches, signing things and frightening members of the public. The stand will also be selling magazines, posters, toys and other stuff, and this could be your first chance to get a glimpse of the stunning new 2000AD skateboard!

Event:UBI Presents Osiris World Cup Skateboarding UK
Venue:Docklands Arena, London E14
Date:11-12 August
Ticket price:Day pass adult £12 / child (under 16) / student £8 / family £32
Telephone:020 7538 1212 (booking fee applies)

For further information, visit the official website