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I am pleased to announce that after many hours of slaving, my fashion droids VR-Sachi and Hi77-fgr have created three thrill-packed new t-shirt designs for loyal Squaxx to wear (they're the hottest thing this summer on the catwalks of Betelgeuse Minor).

The new designs include Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper on regular navy blue and charcoal grey t-shirts respectively, and Durham Red on a black camisole top for female readers, or any male readers who can live with the strange looks from their family and friends. All t-shirts are 100% thrillsucker proof, and will be available in M, L and XL (apart from the camisole, which comes in S and M, like many cabinet ministers).

Limited numbers of each t-shirt were available from the 2000 AD stand at Comics 2002 in Bristol. The last few of this batch are now available via Tharg's Future Shop, though we expect these t-shirts to be just the first in a wide range of zarjaz new 2000 AD t-shirt designs.

Splundig vur Thrigg!

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