Having studied your peculiar Earth customs for many years now, it has come to my attention that many Earthlets seem to partake in a pastime that involves moving very fast on a wheeled plank until you fall off. Apparently this is referred to as 'skateboarding'


In my magnanimity, I have decided to provide a thrill-powered skateboard for my loyal Squaxx dek Thargo, so I have joined up with top UK skateboard company Clown to create a deck liberally swathed in zarjaz 2000AD artwork, as shown on this page.


This is no toyshop skateboard, mind, but a proper deck as used by professional skaters, so it will stand up to even the most punishing tricks (and is also rather good for re-educating recalcitrant editorial droids).


We do not yet have confirmed details for price and availability, but we'll post these as soon as we know them, and if you'd like us to send you more info when it's available, just drop an email to


Coming Soon: Look out for a report from the UBI skate event, featuring the Jock droid's awesome ramp artwork.