By Robbie Morrison and Henry Flint

Rumours and fearful whispers spread throughout the universe, telling of a being who hunted evil as if driven from beyond the grave, a relentless, remorseless, unstoppable force of vengeance and retribution who uttered only one word to his victims…


Colonel William B. Rogers is not having the best of days. As part of the crew of the international space station, he had the best seat in the house for the destruction of Earth by the Succubi, an evil and ancient race of aliens who prey on weaker galaxies, sucking planets dry of their life-force and leaving them as lifeless husks.

Stuck on a badly damaged space station with all his comrades dead, Rogers is finally picked up by a scavenger ship following in the wake of the Succubi. Things then go from bad to worse for the last human being in the universe, as he's shipped off to be sold as a slave in an alien slave market.

The hapless astronaut, his slave-trading captors and the galactic scum that use their services are all about to experience savagery of a single-mindedness unheard of throughout the known universe, as the being known only as Shakara shows up.

Shakara is an awesome figure of shadow and terror. No creature of evil who has been targeted by him has lived to tell the tale. Sentient beings who have encountered him, at least those brave enough to speak of it, cannot decide what he truly is. No one even knows whether he is alive or dead, a vengeful ghost bent on destruction.

The vendetta has begun...

Shakara debuts in 2000 AD Prog 2002