2000 AD Prog 2002

More thrill-power than you can shake a loaded lawgiver at

On 12 December 2001, 2000 AD will be releasing Prog 2002, the third in a yearly series of 100-page special editions of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic. Prog 2002 will be packed with stunning new characters and stories written and drawn by some of the UK's leading comics talent, including the tuned-in, turned-on, freaked-out Storming Heaven by Gordon Rennie and Frazer Irving, and the earth-shattering Shakara by Robbie Morrison and Henry Flint.

Lovers of classic 2000 AD are well-served by the return of the legendary future-war saga Bad Company under the aegis of original creators Ewins and Milligan; and a new Nikolai Dante story by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser, which picks up the roguish Russian adventurer's tale in the aftermath of the epic 'Tsar Wars' series; and of course no issue of 2000 AD would be complete without a stand-out new Dredd strip by 2000 AD's resident master, John Wagner, this time accompanied by the gorgeous fully-painted artwork of Greg Staples.

Somehow, in an issue bursting with this much awesome stuff, we've also found space to squeeze in a zarjaz "Top 10 Thrill-Power!" feature, plus the chance to win Terminator 2: Ultimate Edition and Planet of the Apes DVD boxed sets!

Prog 2002 - more mind-blowing action than the Zapruder film, more cojones than an angry bull, harder than Russell Crowe in a Tiger tank. 2000 AD Prog 2002 will be at a newsagent near you on 12 December, priced 3.95 for 100 pages of top future action.