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If you prefer to pay an annual fee, send a cheque for 108 to 2000 AD Subscriptions, 8 Galliford Road, Malden, Essex, CM9 4XD. Subscription to 2000 AD only (49 weekly Progs, plus the 100-page Christmas special) is 6.25 per month (69 pa). For 13 issues of the four-weekly Judge Dredd Megazine only, you pay 4.65 per month (52 pa). All prices quoted are UK only. For overseas rates, see the Subscibe page.

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Specially illustrated by top art droid Jock, the Mugshot series shows the Mega City s Most Wanted - four of the most unusual suspects to have lined up before Judge Dredd. Subscribers get the Mean mug free: to buy alien superfiend Judge Death, gorilla Godfather Don Uggie Apelino and Dredd's psycho sibling Rico, visit Tharg's Future Shop in the near future