Thrill Sucker Outbreak!

Borag Thungg Earthlets,

Worrying news from the Nerve Centre. I had ordered Cyber-Matt off on an expedition into the darkest depths of the Nerve Centre to retrieve a fine vintage polystyrene cup I had remembered was down there, when he fell through a carelessly unlocked hatchway and discovered a network of dank subterranean tunnels.

Much to my concern, a battered Cyber-Matt returned much later with tales of mazelike tunnels filled with hordes of Thrill Suckers and fiendish traps set by the Dictators of Zrag. After stopping Cyber-Matt's oil privileges for his tardiness, I deemed decisive action was necessary, so I prepared an armoury of Rigelian Hotshots to hurl down into the depths, to eradicate the Thrill Sucker infestation.

Unfortunately, the power supply for the Nerve Centre monitors has been chewed through by a rogue Thrill Sucker, so it is difficult for me to aim Hotshots well enough to destroy every Thrill Sucker, which is where my loyal Squaxx Dek Thargo come in.

I ask you to guide the Rigelian Hotshots I launch as they plummet into the bowels of the Earth, eliminating as many Thrill Suckers as possible while avoiding the devious weapons the Dictators of Zrag have installed.

Click HERE to go to the remote monitor you can use to fight off this invasion.

Splundig vur Thrigg!