Garth Ennis spotted in Mega-City One

Click to enlargeAcclaimed writer Garth Ennis returns to 2000 AD in July with the 12-part Judge Dredd epic Helter Skelter, illustrated by Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra.

Famous for co-creating DC Vertigo's hugely popular Preacher, as well as working on such titles as Hellblazer, Hitman, The Punisher and The Hulk, Ennis began his script-writing career in the early 90s with Troubled Souls and True Faith for 2000 AD's sister title Crisis, before graduating onto Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Time Flies for 2000 AD.

Now, after his remarkable success in America, the Galaxy's Greatest Comic is pleased to welcome him back with Helter Skelter, an apocalyptic Judge Dredd tale in which converging realities threaten to destroy Mega-City One.

An accident in dimensional research has led to a number of parallel worlds bleeding through the fabric of space and time an effect known as the 'Helter Skelter'! Only Judge Dredd, together with a female research scientist who may hold the key to preventing the disaster, can stop the shadowy forces behind the dimensional rift. Shadowy forces who look strangely familiar...

Joining Ennis on art duties is regular collaborator and Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra. The two have teamed up before on Bloody Mary and Adventures in the Rifle Brigade for DC and the recent Just A Pilgrim for Black Bull.

"It's a real pleasure having Garth working for 2000 AD again," says editor Andy Diggle. "He's a real old-school 2000 AD fan, and with the number of in-jokes and cross-references to other series, Helter Skelter reads like a love letter to the Galaxy's Greatest Comic. A twisted, scary, incredibly violent love letter...

"While he tells a wonderfully irreverent action story, Garth's writing has also matured since he first worked on Dredd in the early 90s - and I think that really shows in his work here. He's also having great fun working with Carlos. They've created some great stuff together for other publishers, and I'm pleased to say they're working that magic once again in the world of Dredd!"

Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter by Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra begins in Prog 1250, on sale 11 July 2001.