Vélizy, August 11th 2003

Vivendi Universal Games Intl and Rebellion, today announced that the official website for their amazing game: Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death, has gone live at

Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death is an intense first-person shooter set in the future megalopolis of Mega-City One. This 22nd century melting pot is home to 400 million citizens, every one a potential criminal, and the only thing preventing the city from descending into complete anarchy is the group of elite law enforcers known as the Judges.

The player takes the role of Judge Dredd as he patrols the overcrowded streets of the city, arresting lawbreakers and dealing with the breakdown of law and order, as vampires, the undead and worse are let loose onto an unsuspecting population. Could this be the work of the Dark Judges?

The entire game storyline is playable cooperatively with a friend, and there are a wide variety of 4-way split-screen multiplayer games on all consoles. These include a number of frenetic new game-types that could only exist in the world of Judge Dredd, such as 'Block War' and 'Umpty Raid'.

A wide range of multiplayer options offer players the chance to customise their games within ten diverse and challenging multiplayer maps. PC gamers will receive the same flexible multiplayer options and environments, plus LAN and internet play for up to 32 players!

Judge Dredd was recently voted 'Best Character' at the British National Comics Awards, beating off competition from Spiderman, Batman and Dennis the Menace, and has received many other awards over his 26-year history.

Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death is being developed for all next-gen consoles and PC, and is planned to hit streets this September.

All applications to the justice department can be found on

About Rebellion®

Oxford-based super-developer Rebellion® was started by brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley over ten years ago. Rebellion® has developed such games as the double BAFTA-nominated Aliens Vs. Predator for 20th Century Fox on the PC, which was launched to worldwide acclaim in 1999 and reached the number one slot in games charts throughout the world. Recently completed games include Delta Force: Urban Warfare for Novalogic, Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf for Ubisoft and Tiger Woods' PGA TOUR Golf for Destination. In June 2000 Rebellion® bought the hugely influential sci-fi comic 2000ADT. Rebellion® is now working on a number of games featuring 2000ADT characters, and has recently announced plans to make two new Judge Dredd® movies. More information can be found at