Click to enlarge A war in Hell is about to spill onto the streets of London, as rival demon-clans battle for control of the mundane world. Caught in the middle is gangland enforcer Carver Hale - a man with a bloody past and a hell-bound future. You could say he's got some heavy connections in the Underworld...

Gangland enforcer and trigger for one of the city's most prominent organised crime syndicates, Carver Hale is the right-hand man to feared mob boss Billy Laton; but an attack on Laton's outfit will set Hale on a blood-splattered trail of vengeance that will cross quite literally from one underworld to the next.

Britain's award-winning cult anthology title 2000 AD is proud to welcome supernatural anti-hero CARVER HALE to its pages.

CARVER HALE: TWISTING THE KNIFE is the first series for 2000 AD from acclaimed Lucifer writer Mike Carey and artist Mike Perkins (Green Lantern vs Aliens). This contemporary horror tale marks a departure from the comic's more regular mix of futuristic action and adventure. "This story is very much in the vein of urban gangster thrillers," says editor Andy Diggle, "but with a dark supernatural slant that takes the characters in a completely unexpected direction."

Premiering in 2000 AD #1236, the issue features a CARVER HALE cover by hot new talent Jock [see low-res jpeg, above], whose hugely popular work on JUDGE DREDD and LENNY ZERO has established him as a name to watch.

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