Revenge is a dish best served cold ...

For years, among the law enforcement agencies and intelligence services of mainland Europe, there have circulated rumours of a mysterious order known only as the Bendatti, who wreak cruel and merciless vengeance upon the criminals that the legitimate authorities cannot touch ...

The Bendatti Vendetta is a blood-soaked and angry contemporary thriller in the Button Man mould courtesy of the writer and artist team of Robbie Morrison and John Burns, whose most recent collaboration was on 2000 AD's award-winning Nikolai Dante epic, Tsar Wars. Book One, Vendetta in Light, sees Faulkner and Serrault, agents of the shady Bendatti organisation, seek revenge against international arms dealer Vronsky on behalf of Maya Sinaro, whose family were slaughtered by an African militia armed by Vronsky and his accomplices. In the background lurks Jean-Paul Vanaheim, founder of the mysterious Bendatti - but is he motivated by a sense of justice, or something darker?

Told in six parts, The Bendatti Vendetta is a cautionary fable of the New World Order - and probably the most radical, dangerous strip ever to appear in the Megazine. You'll pray it isn't true ...

Megazine issue 4.13, onsale 3 July 2002
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Never give a bloodsucker an even break ...

In the slum-berg of Alpha Crucis, mutant bounty-hunter Durham Red tracks her latest target to a suite of rooms on the third floor of the Ritz Iscariot hotel. Count Tepes has been on the run for centuries ... but are he and Durham joined by more than just the need for blood?

Children of the Night is the fourth Heresy presented in Durham Red: The Scarlet Apocrypha, a seven-part series running in the Megazine this summer and autumn in which a variety of artists present stand-alone tales of 2000 AD's ever popular 'Strontium Bitch'. In a real coup for the Megazine, Children of the Night sees legendary Spanish talent Enric Romero (Modesty Blaise, Axa, etc) take his turn. Others contributing to the series include John M Burns, Carlos Ezquerra, Mark Harrison, Frazer Irving and Steve Yeowell.

Megazine issue 4.15, onsale 28 August 2002
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