2000AD Artist: 1
Megazine Writer: 1
Megazine Artist: 15
Other Writer: 1
Other Artist: 5

2000AD: 5
Megazine: 2
Other: 1
Graphic Novels: 1
Star Scans: 2

Wallpaper: 8

Fan Thrills
Artist: 2


Non Fiction

Saads pictures (Crisis 60 to 60)
Script: , Artist: Various

The Droids Decide! (2000AD Prog 2003) 12 pages
Script: Various, Artist: Various
All time favourite covers chosen by Pat Mills, Alan Grant, Jock, John Higgins, Dan Abnett, Alan Barnes, Richard Elson, Steve Yeowell, Simon Spurrier, Andy Diggle, Chris Weston, John Wagner, Ian Gibson, Ian Richardson, Mike Collins, Matt Smith, Andy Clarke, Simon Davis, Boo Cook, Rob Williams, Cam Smith, Steve Roberts, Bryan Talbot, Henry Flint and Gordon Rennie

Meanwhile... In another continuum... (2000AD Prog 2003) 5 pages
Script: Tharg the Mighty, Artist: Various
A history of 2000AD crossovers

Judge Dredd: The Game in the Making (Beyond 2000AD White Dwarf 36) 2 pages
Script: Ian Livingstone, Artist: Various
Text article on the Judge Dredd board game

Stabilo Design a Judge Dredd Villain Competition (2000AD Winter Special 2005) 5 pages
Script: Tharg the Mighty, Artist: Various
The Results

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